About Us


 The Short Story

Hello! My name is Eva and I am a recovering “brown-thumb” home gardener. After years of killing every plant I came in contact with it seemed absurd that I would want to grow my own food. However after battling various health problems and learning more about our food industry, I decided that there was no better day as the present to learn a new “healthy hobby”. My new hobby turned into a passion for my husband and I to grow as much organic food as we can for our family in our very small back yard. Since I am still so new to home gardening, I decided to document our journey!

The Long Story
I can remember the exact moment it happened. I was sitting across from a new holistic MD I found to help treat my Thyroid Disease. I had already been through Thyroid Lobectomy surgery in 2010 to remove a nodule the size of an avocado pit. I had also gone through four different endocrinologists who told me that my symptoms were all in my head. You have no idea how much I hated hearing that! As I sat there waiting for her to tell me that my levels were “within range” and I just needed to work out harder and get more sleep, she said something to me that I’ll never forget. She said “GMO’s are evil”. I looked at her like she had two heads because I had never heard of the term before. She explained to me what a GMO was, what biotech companies were doing to farmers, how certain pesticides could be detrimental to my already weak thyroid function and if I couldn’t afford to go fully organic than I should try starting a garden. After hearing her out I decided that I wouldn’t take all of the information I’d just received as the gospel so I started doing some research. After watching several documentaries and hours of reading articles and research papers, I was in shock. I knew that I had to make a change for myself and my family.

In the months that passed, I found myself toying with the idea of trying to grow my own food but the self-doubt in me was still very strong. I killed every plant I came in contact with y’all! You are talking to the girl who couldn’t even keep a bamboo desk plant alive. How on God’s green Earth was I going to grow food for my family to eat? That was when my wonderful husband Marcos, reminded me that I was not alone and that he would be there to support me. He also reminded me that he grew up on a farm in the mountains of Costa Rica. Duh! What an amazing resource I had right under my nose! My mind was officially made up. I was going to ease into this whole gardening thing and try to grow a few things “as a hobby” and just to see how it goes.

In late 2014 I asked Marcos to make me a raised bed. We bought some organic seeds and good organic soil. That was when the words “hobby” went out the window. We dove head first into our first back yard garden and have not looked back ever since.

I started this website because I wanted people to see my journey. I didn’t want to wait until I was already an experienced organic farmer who is free from health problems. I want you to watch my journey unfold by writing about my victories, setbacks and failures in my garden, health and life. From gardening, cooking, thyroid disease to my faith in Jesus Christ, nothing is off limits. My prayer is that those of you who come along for the ride are blessed by the words I feel God has put on my heart and that you too are encouraged to start your Green Thumb Journey!

Much Love,


Proverbs 3:5-6