New Fall Gardenscapes and Raised Beds

Fall is finally here! Bring on all the delicious fall crops, pumpkin EVERYTHING and cooler temperatures! Of course here in Florida, that means bring on the “still hot but less humid days”. Mr. GreenThumb has been hard at work getting our fall planter beds ready for the season. I say he has done an amazing job on these new planter beds.

Raised planter beds are a great way to get your garden off to a great start. Especially in area where the soil is not the best quality. You can make the planter beds out of almost anything that is strong enough to hold a large amount of dirt. I have seen people make them with all kinds of material from plywood to cinder block even old tires! For the two beds show above, we used old wood from a structure that was torn down. Total score!

So far this fall I have been able to plant several varieties of vegetables and I am anxiously awaiting for harvest time to come! As you know, you are on this journey with me so I will be giving you updates on how these two beds are doing!

Let me know what you are planting this season in the comments below! Also I would love to hear that material you have used for your raised beds!

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