Growing Radishes with Kids

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A lot of people ask me what is a good starter vegetable to grow with small kids. My answer is always the same: Radishes! Radishes are not complicated to grow and the best part is that they grow fast! Kids tend to have a very short attention span, so rather than making them wait for 60-70 days for carrots, radishes germinate in just a few days and many varieties only take about 30 days until they are ready to harvest.
To grow radishes first you need to choose what variety you want to plant. If you are planting with children, I would recommend Cherry Belle radishes as they mature in just about 22 days. This particular variety of radishes grow well in the spring and fall seasons. Choose an area that will receive full sun and is well drained. Plant seeds about a 1/2 inch deep and 1 inch apart. Of course if you are growing a larger variety, allow for more space. Make sure you water your radishes evenly every day but be careful not to over water. Radishes like for the soil around them to stay moist but not soaked.
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Radishes are the perfect starter vegetable to grow with your kids. They will learn a valuable lesson on how to grow food and have a better understand a how important it is to know where your food comes from.
Let me know what you have grown in your garden with your children by commenting below!

Happy planting!

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